EU Border Control Delays

Following the recent communications from British Airways and Easyjet to their customers warning of delays at EU border controls we at tifgroup would like to clarify what cover is available to our policyholders.


If the delay you have suffered has exceeded 24 hours in duration after you have checked in, your trip is for more than 2 days and not a one-way trip, and provided you are also unable to obtain a refund from any other source you can submit a claim for cancellation.

Departure delay

You can claim for departure delay providing the duration is over 12 hours from you checking in, and the delay is not due to the diversion of the aircraft after it has departed. For both cancellation and departure delay you must not have been offered any compensation, or alternative transport that departs within 12 hours.

To find out more please contact your claims team.

You must also allow sufficient time to check in considering these delays, with many airlines advising to allow at least 3 to 4 hours between arrival and check in. Please ensure you have checked advice from your own airline to allow sufficient time to check in.

In the event that you have specific questions not answered by this directive, please feel free to contact us on and we will endeavour to offer an answer.