Extreme UK Weather Impact

Following the extreme winter weather conditions being experienced within the UK, we here at tifgroup would like to clarify our position.
Cancellation of your trip
Where cancellation of flights occur, clients should check with their travel agents, tour operators and airlines for further information.
Travel Delay or Abandonment
Providing this is a benefit usually available under the policy we are happy to offer benefit for travel delay, or alternatively trip abandonment, after a 24 hour delay after check in of your flight for departures.
If this benefit is not usually available under the policy in question this scenario would not apply.
Extension of your Travel Insurance
Cover will be extended in the event of a delay or failure of public transport services during your trip which result in you being unable to complete your trip before your travel policy expires.
In the event that you have specific questions not answered by this directive, please feel free to contact us on directivesqueries@tifgroup.co.uk we will endeavour to offer an answer.