Not sure what to do in an emergency situation abroad and have any queries about the emergency assistance process? The following Q&As should help

All hospitals in USA are private? What do I do when I require medical treatment?

You should present yourself to the nearest walk in centre and provide them with a copy of your insurance policy certificate. As the prices in the USA are extremely inflated please take note of your policy excess and pay no more than this amount to the hospital. Contact us so that we can take over and handle all the financial arrangements

I am in my hotel and need to see a doctor what should I do?

Please contact us on our 24-hour emergency line immediately unless the condition is serious or life-threatening, we may be able to give you advice on where to go to get the best treatment. In Europe and some other countries, we may recommend public facilities because you are more likely to receive appropriate care in a public hospital than in a private facility

I have missed my flight home to the UK due to a medical reason. How do I go about getting a new flight arranged?

We would need to obtain a medical report and possibly your UK GP medical records for our medical team to review the safest way to get you home and that we comply with airline regulations. Please contact us so we can help you get home safely

How long does the process above take?

This will vary depending on how quickly we can obtain the necessary documents to review and, of course, the nature of your medical condition and the treatment you have received. Our objective is to get you home as quickly as possible but without putting you at risk

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