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  • Travel insurance is, generally, bought on price rather than need.
  • Policy wordings are complicated and outdated.
  • Consumers view of travel insurance is that there are more reasons not to pay a claim than there are to pay one.
  • Consumers expectations are not being met and so they are disillusioned and have a low opinion of insurance.

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tifgroup’s Solution

We have produced a series of policy wordings in which all outdated conditions and exclusions have been removed so that it is easy to see what is and what is not covered.

Any exclusions that remain are ‘common sense’ so that anyone who is not insurance trained would accept them as being fair and reasonable.


The results so far

tifgroup intends to change the consumer’s perception of travel insurance and so we have produced new products that are easy to understand and, most importantly, will meet customer expectations.

We currently have five templates to offer and bespoke to your brand: