tifgroup leadership team

We believe insurance is first and foremost a ‘people’ business. We might now be one of the largest travel insurer providers in the UK, but we believe our success has been down to the friendly and personal service we provide.

Find out more about the team who have shaped our business.

Richard Smith Richard Smith
Richard Smith Managing Director
Sarah Adams Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams Director of Operations
Charlotte Field Charlotte Field
Charlotte Field Director of Client Services
Ian Maxey Ian Maxey
Ian Maxey Director of IT
Yvonne La Roche-Seeley Yvonne La Roche-Seeley
Yvonne La Roche-Seeley Head of Finance
Steve Scott Steve Scott
Steve Scott Head of Partnerships
Tony Brown Tony Brown
Tony Brown Head of Underwriting
Clive Noakes Clive Noakes
Clive Noakes Head of TCF
Sarah Moore Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore Head of TAF
Dan Frollini Dan Frollini
Dan Frollini Head of EAF
Jon Phillips Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips Head of CCF
Paul Cooper Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper Head of Product Distribution
Fiona Macrae Fiona Macrae
Fiona Macrae Head of Client Engagement
Stephen Howard Stephen Howard
Stephen Howard Head of Product