Our Response to Allegations by The Times - 24th November

The claim that we obstruct our customers in an emergency or critical situation is simply false. We take every step to make sure that our customers are brought home as soon as it is medically safe to do so.

While understandably the first instinct of anyone sick or injured abroad is to want to come home immediately, travelling in an air ambulance involves specific clinical risks. The timing of moving someone who is vulnerable can have a serious impact on their chances of making the best possible recovery.

Our doctors and nurses use their extensive experience in aviation medicine and the medical information provided by the treating doctor to assess whether the patient is sufficiently stable to be moved.

In the case relating to Ms. Goodman we responded to the notification of the emergency immediately, and we were in contact or sought to be in frequent contact with their families or friends and third-party organisations who might be able to assist with the provision of medical information, as well as the doctors who were treating them in the hospitals where they were receiving care.

In Ms. Goodman’s case, we made multiple and frequent calls to the treating doctor in order to get a medical report, so we could make a decision as to the best time to move Ms. Goodman. When the report was eventually received it confirmed to our doctors and nurses that Ms. Goodman was sadly too unwell to transfer anywhere. If the treating hospital had thought that a transfer within Greece was suitable, this would have been arranged by them, had they felt Ms. Goodman was well enough to be moved.

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Late May Bank Holiday

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French Air Traffic Control Strikes

Following the announcement of the air traffic control due to take place in France from Wednesday 8th May 2019 until Friday 10th May 2019, we here at tifgroup would like to clarify our position. We recommend that you contact your airline/travel agent for more information about what might be available to you.   Cancellation Our […]

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