Boots Travel Insurance was looking for a new insurance partner to help it revamp its insurance policies, and offer cover to a far wider range of their customers.

In recent years the company had not seen the growth in travel insurance that they wanted and was looking to increase their market share. Problems included:

  • They weren’t able to cover the wide range of medical conditions their customer were presenting them with
  • Other providers were taking their market share
  • Lack of channel diversification
  • Uncompetitive and limited product range


tifgroup’s Solution

By partnering with tifgroup, Boots are able to offer their clients wider choice of cover and fairer premiums for their customers with medical conditions.

We provide full travel insurance lifecycle service for Boots.This has helped Boots offer a wider and more competitively-priced product range and increased their visibility online.

This has led to increased sales, and the brand taking a larger share of the travel insurance market.




The results so far

After teaming up with tifgroup, Boots saw an increase in sales and revenue, almost immediately.

This positive impact on their business has continued, as we’ve worked to build a longer-term partnership. As a result Boots has seen:

  • 163% increase in sales
  • 173% increase in revenue
  • Increased PR visibility and brand awareness including but not limited to mentions in The Telegraph, The Mirror, This is Money and Travel Weekly
  • Recommended on Macmillian Cancer Support’s forum as a proivder of travel insurance for people with medical conditions