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Goodtogoinsurance.com was set up to provide travel insurance cover to individuals, couples and families who may have difficulty obtaining cover elsewhere, either due to age or health record.

Goodtogoinsurance.com offers travel insurance for all types of existing medical conditions with varying levels of complexity, to travellers of all ages. With no upper age limit, Goodtogoinsurance.com lifts the barriers to travel insurance for those aged 65+ who may find it more difficult to get appropriate cover for their trips. It also caters for customers who have existing medical conditions, and cover for travelling companions.

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They pave the way for customers who have existing medical conditions and cover for traveling companions.

The challenge to overcome

Goodtogoinsurance.com were looking for a partner who understood their business and could help to overcome the challenges they were facing. With the increasing competition in the industry, Goodtogoinsurance.com needed an edge to differentiate their product and offering. This is where tifgroup’s consultative approach and  technical capabilities enabled us to partner with Goodtogoinsurance.com to produce a long term strategy that delivered both parties goals.

The only insurance company I’ve found who will cover my daughters’ chronic medical conditions. Without Goodtogoinsurance.com we wouldn’t be able to travel.

Satisfied Customer, 19th Jan 2019

Tifgroup’s Solution

From December 2015, Goodtogoinsurance.com utilised tifgroup’s expertise and unique solutions in the management of large losses, alongside claims and assistance solutions. tifgroup have been able to deliver stability of rates, cover to a wider audience via no upper age limit, cover for mental health and other medical conditions, which has resulted in growth in both sales volumes and income and stability of performance.

Tifgroup has provided a range of insurance services for Goodtogoinsurance.com including:

  • Underwriting–Tailored Travel Insurance Products
  • Claims handling
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance Services
  • Large Loss Management
  • Product development
The results so far

Premium growth in year 1


Improvement in Loss Ratio in year 1


Reduction in large loss incident rate in year 1


Reduction in large loss claims vs overall claims in year 1

Good web site, and good to find a travel insurance company that does not excessively penalise senior travellers.

Satisfied Customer, 8th Feb 2019

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