Here at tifgroup, we understand the importance for employees to have a job with great learning and development opportunities. That’s why in 2017 we launched the Rising Star Mentoring Programme. This mentoring scheme has been designed to develop our employees through personalised mentoring sessions, supporting their personal development and progression within tifgroup.


Meet the Leadership TeamOur Mentors

Our Leadership Team is made up of 15 experts with a combined experience of over 210 years in the travel insurance industry. The knowledge and real-life experiences they can share is what makes this mentoring programme so valuable.

Our mentors are dedicated to offering all the advice and training possible to their Rising Star to help them get the most out of the programme and further their careers.

About the Programme

Our mentoring programme runs for 4 months and during this time our mentors meet with their rising star every 2 weeks for a dedicated mentoring session. The mentoring programme is tailored and adapted to support any area of career development and personal development the Rising Star desires. It’s important that the process is owned and driven by the Rising Star- each session will align with their own personal goals and objectives whilst also ensuring they leave with a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Candidates for the Rising Star programme submit an application including why they should be selected for the programme and what they would like to achieve. The applications are reviewed by an independent committee who select the successful Rising Stars based on the quality and content of the application, ensuring fairness and no bias in the process.


The first cohort of Rising Stars has seen great career progression and a number of promotions. We look forward to continuing to support our staff and hope to guide many others through our Rising Star programme and beyond!

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the mentoree's have to say:

“At the time it was initially announced, I was just starting a new role within the company and wasn’t sure I’d be able to commit myself to the programme. However, following a bit of prompting and discussions with various members of the leadership team, I recognised what a valuable opportunity this would be for me and went for it!

During the process the advice I’ve received, teamed with the opportunity to discuss my career goals at tifgroup, has made the mentoring programme one of the most beneficial and rewarding opportunities I’ve been afforded here.”

Alex Smith,  Account Executive 

“I have been lucky enough to be part of this first mentorship with Jon Phillips and I cannot thank him enough with what I have learnt about myself in the last 6 months and learnt about the business.

For those of you that are sitting there thinking I don’t know whether to apply. What have you got to lose? If you have drive and determination and you want to learn more about yourself then go for it, and have no regrets!”

Sophie Luckhurst, Medical Underwriter 

“We started by identifying my strengths, weaknesses and where I was struggling. On our first meeting I ended up taking four pages of notes and two tasks to complete before our next meeting but it’s a great starting point and you really get out of it what you put in. If I hadn’t put in the work outside of our meetings, I definitely wouldn’t have done as well out of it as I think I have now.

I’ve applied everything I’ve learnt to my working life but it’s also helped me at home and with personal things too. Having someone to support you and help grow new areas of strength within your personal skillset is invaluable and I’d recommend any one of you to apply.”

Sarah Page, Brand Manager 

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