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Reporting to: Complaints Team Leader

The complaints team are responsible for responding to all customer complaints that cannot be resolved within 3 days. The role involves investigating, responding and resolving complaints, liaising with the Financial Ombudsman Service when required. You will also be required to conduct root cause analysis to identify opportunities or actions which would prevent future complaints.


Role Responsibilities

Complaint Case Management

  • Preparing complaint files
  • Investigating the complaint
  • Drafting a reply to the complainant
  • Finalizing the reply to the complainant
  • Responding to complaints in the most appropriate manner
  • Logging and reporting of complaints
  • Identifying trends in complaints

Financial Ombudsman Service Case Management

  • Preparing files for FOS submission
  • Replying to FOS correspondence
  • Corresponding with the customer
  • Arranging for the implementation of the FOS decision
  • Logging and reporting of FOS cases

Root cause analysis

  • To review complaints and identify patterns or trends
  • To investigate and determine the root cause of the complaint
  • To make appropriate recommendations to management
  • To provide training to the business
  • To refer to a manager when any work falls outside their area of knowledge or expertise


Personal Qualities & Key Skills

  • Complaint handling and customer service skills
  • Communication, influencing and negotiation skills
  • Decision making and being able to take initiative
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Flexibility to respond to changing requirements and client needs
  • IT and numeracy skills
  • Research, investigative and analytical skills with the ability to make pragmatic and commercial decisions
  • Good literacy skills, capable of constructing professional, explanatory and well written letters


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