Large loses were having a significant impact on the performance making it difficult for to manage marketing and new business generation due to rates being regularly increased


tifgroup’s Solution

By utilising tifgroup expertise and unique solutions in cost containment, alongside claims and assistance solutions tifgroup have been able to stabilise the book, giving longevity of rate and offering cover to a wider audience, therefore enabling to see growth in their sales and income

tifgroup has provided a range of insurance services for including;

  • Underwriting–Tailored Travel Insurance Products
  • Claims handling
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance Services
  • Cost containment
  • Product development

The results so far

  • Improvement in Loss ratio by 23% without rate increases
  • Growth in premium of 66% year 1, over 25% year 2
  • Increase in policy numbers by 25%
  • Reduction in average claims cost from previous 3 year average of 34%


  • Introduction of new schemes
  • Reduction in large loss incident rate of 40%
  • Reduction in large loss claims vs overall claims of 65%