Not too sure what Cost Containment is and how it can affect you? The following Q&As should help

What is Cost Containment

In line with all travel insurance companies, we safeguard ourselves against medical providers inflating medical charges. As the providers, do not have to agree prices with the insurance company prior to the provision of their services, they can charge multiples of what they should after the treatment has been administered. This is particularly evident in high-volume tourist areas.

If you don’t pay a bill in full, won’t I be liable?

Once we have sent reasonable payment, it is not unusual for medical providers to send their bills to the patient stating that they are responsible for the remaining amount. This is not the case as you are protected under an insurance contract and therefore we shall ensure that you are not held liable for unreasonably high or inflated medical fees.

Why does this matter to me?

If we allow medical facilities to overcharge for the service they provide, the price of insurance premiums will rise and it will be more expensive for you to purchase cover. Our aim is to provide valuable cover at the right premium and we can only do this if we pay reasonable costs for medical treatment

What shall i do if I receive a medical bill or other correspondence at my home

Send the invoice with a note of your claim reference to the claims address detailed in your policy, we will audit the bill to ensure we pay only what’s reasonable and handle all correspondence with the facility

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