We offer a range of sale support services: from helping businesses deal with overflow calls at peak times, to fully-branded outsourced sales operations.

Our smart systems integrate telephone calls, emails and web enquiries, so new business calls and administration queries can be processed across the full range of channels.

Our specially-trained customer service representatives ensure all incoming calls are dealt with as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service: our training ensures all advisers are specially trained to ask questions about medical information with sensitivity and empathy.



  • Integrated telephone and web-function
  • Comprehensive management information
  • Protectif medical risk rating allows us to cover more people with medical conditions
  • 3m policyholders insured each year
  • Total premiums in excess of £145m a year

Thanks to our innovative technology our call handlers know what product a customer is contacting them about, and will have all relevant policy details available on their screen.

Our computer and call servers are partitioned, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your client’s data. Depending on the service you require external access to this information is available to you.


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Insurancewith is one of the leading travel insurers for holidaymakers with medical conditions.

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“Our business has expanded greatly with a six-fold increase in sales volume”

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“tifgroup’s unique ability to underwrite medical travel insurance products has meant Insurancewith can cater to a broad variety of demographics”


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