We like to think that tifgroup is a great place to work. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our employees have to say about working at tifgroup.

What our staff say about us

“It’s a big enough company to give you all the opportunities you need to develop your career. But it’s not so big that you’re simply a payroll number rather than a name.” 

Martin Shingler, Trainer

“The culture and values that tifgroup maintains, makes it stand out as both an employer and an insurer.” 

Nat Barrett, Product Manager

“tifgroup as a company is young and fun with lots of opportunities. They have helped me establish myself in my career.” 

Tony Brown, Underwriting Team Manager

“tifgroup is a really caring company that looks after its employees.” 

Meg Adams, PR and Marketing Executive

“The diversity and social culture at tifgroup, creates a relaxed and enjoyable working environment.”

Rich Moon, Team Leader

“tifgroup is not only a team, but also a family. Within the company there is a great enthusiasm for success, we all work together and that is what helps us achieve our objectives.”

Jake Mardell, Claims Assessor

“The company provide lots of opportunities for both development and support.”

Jessica Karlsen, Customer Service Representative 

Working at tifgroup you are given responsibility, and trusted to undertake work in a pro-active manner’

Chris Lock, Technical Underwriter

I’ve never worked for a company that values giving good, positive feedback, as highly as the negative. Better yet, the feedback comes from all different areas, such as QA, team leaders, and even those further up the chain in the business’

Matthew Browne, Customer Service Adviser

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work for tifgroup for over 10 years. I have experienced such fantastic opportunities for development, training and progression as well as plenty of social opportunities, travel and events. The ethos and culture of the business makes it a fun and exciting place to work for and one which I am incredibly proud to be part of. To have so many people in the business who have remained with tifgroup through various periods of change and expansion demonstrates the loyalty people have towards the company who are far more than just an employer, but instead a facilitator for a group of likeminded people and friends who work together to succeed in everything we do.’

Charlotte Lee Field, Head of Claims

‘tifgroup has helped steer me in the right direction, providing opportunities which I never expected as a fresh graduate. tifgroup has already shown a great interest in my own personal development, despite having only worked for the company for 4 months. tifgroup provides, not only the opportunity to develop as an individual, but also as a team. The eCommerce team, as well as the group as a whole have been incredibly friendly and supportive!’

Rebecca Ansell, eCommerce Executive

“When I interviewed at tifgroup, I was a graduate who just wanted someone to give her a chance to prove herself. tifgroup not only saw my potential, but also helped me continue my studies and build my experience. I can’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Amber Howard, Brand Manager