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tifgroup was founded in 1996. Our founders? People who are passionate about doing the best for our customers, the industry and their team.

Who We Are

We are a growing, fast paced team of driven, determined and talented people located in the heart of Kent.

We are an expert travel insurance provider, powered by exceptional people.



Our Mission Is To

Make the world accessible by creating solutions that protect and support exploration. Lead industry and global change to the benefit of our customers. Ensure that every interaction with us is seamless and handled with passion.

What We Do

Internally, we encourage an open and collaborative working environment, developing curiosity and innovation within our day-to-day all with the aim of making insurance clearer, simpler and better, for all.
At our very core is a culture of challenging the status quo. Challenging 'the way things have always been done' to drive positive change to customer outcomes. We are extremely passionate about ensuring customers are delighted by their experience of us and this leads us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible with insurance.


Putting customers first

We help to enlighten our customers both through our touchpoints with them, and our consumer education initiative of Travel Insurance Explained – a platform started with one simple aim – to help consumers understand the non-standardised product of travel insurance.

We have an internal team that make up our committee responsible for our Vulnerable Consumers Group – their primary aim is to create guidelines from which all team members that have direct or indirect contact with customers can follow.

Meadow in Summer

Environmental impact

We always want to leave things better than we found them – so we want to take full responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment and try to move those impacts from negative to positive.

Having taken a big step in becoming a paperless office, we also want to reduce carbon emissions when travelling to and from work. Our car-sharing and cycle-to-work schemes encourage our team to cut their emissions and create a cleaner environment. In 2019 we took an extra step and made a company-wide effort to participate in National Refill Day to reduce our daily plastic use.

Social Impact

We are building a business that cares about more than just profit. To get there we are making an impact in our local community, starting with our own team.

Teamwork, Hands Together

Social commitments

A community ethos runs through tifgroup. Alongside their day-to-day, our team are champions for giving back to the community and are passionate about supporting incredible causes. Through this passion, we have helped smaller charities such as The Family Holiday Association, Street Reach and Shine Cancer Support. In the case of Street Reach, we have been able to use our skills by assisting with the charity’s online presence, allowing them to reach and help more people.

Equality and Diversity

We regularly run training sessions with the amazing Ted Learning, who use theatre-based learning to ensure the key messages are commutated affectively. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness course ensures our team leaders and managers are fully trained in the meaning of diversity and equality.

Our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.

Our 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.

Our 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.

Our 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.


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