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tifgroup was founded in 1996. Our founders? People who are passionate about doing the best for our customers, the industry and their team.

Who We Are

We are a growing, fast paced team of over 400 driven, determined and talented people located in the heart of Kent and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Internally, we encourage an open and collaborative working environment, developing curiosity and innovation within our day-to-day and contribute to making insurance clearer and better, for all. It’s through our dedication that we have become one of the largest travel insurance providers in the UK.

What We Do

We can take care of as much or as little of the travel insurance client lifecycle as our partners require from sales, claims and assistance to product, underwriting and more.

Tif Philosophies
Our Philosophies

Introducing our philosophies – a transparent playbook into our practices, highlighting our moral obligation to you, the UK Holidaymaker.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment to treating customers fairly and vulnerable customers enables us to build long-term relationships based on trust, fairness and transparency.


Putting customers first

We help to enlighten our customers both through our touchpoints with them, and our consumer education initiative of Travel Insurance Explained – a platform started with one simple aim – to help consumers understand the non-standardised product of travel insurance.

Our Philosophies tackles the complexities and challenges consumers have faced abroad, educating others on our stance and the logic that lies behind it.

We have an internal team that make up our committee responsible for our Vulnerable Consumers Group – their primary aim is to create guidelines from which all team members that have direct or indirect contact with customers can follow.

Our History

tifgroup is proud to be unique.

From humble beginnings, we have been positively disrupting the industry since 1996. We are a team of people with a shared vision and a common goal. We believe insurance is personal, and everything we do is underpinned by this belief through people who care.


Starting in 1996...

tifgroup first opened its doors in 1996. With offices in Tonbridge, Kent and only two team members!

1996 at Tif


We launched our Sales and Medical Screening Service!

Richard Smith


Our now Managing Director, Richard Smith, joins the company as an Underwriter.



We partnered with Union Reiseversicherung (URV) and become the UK and Irish Branch Head Office!



tifgroup has now been open for 10 years!



We moved location to an office barn, situated on a farm. Sheep running past the windows was a regular occurrence!

Protectif Medical Risk Rating


We launched our medical risk rating tool Protectif. Over the years we noticed people with complex medical conditions struggled to get affordable travel insurance. We knew this had to change and in the following years, we transformed travel insurance for those with medical conditions.

Holidaysafe Travel Insurance


A year after the launch of Protectif, we founded our very first direct brand, Holidaysafe Travel Insurance.



We founded Insurancewith, a specialist medical travel insurance brand. Insurancewith is doing more than just insurance; helping people with conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, disabilities and mental health find suitable, affordable cover. We also launched our very own claims division!

Tif Group Team Members


2010 was a table turner year for us. We decided to remodel tifgroup to become a full lifecycle travel insurance provider.
This year we also braved the 3-peak challenge to fundraise for one of our chosen charities, The Family Holiday Association.
The team may look a bit chilly up there, but we had a great time.



This year we insured the Row to the Pole challenge, which saw British explorer Jock Wishart and 5 crew brave harrowing conditions to row through the Arctic and reach the North Pole. We also launched our Assistance and Audit services!

Alpha Travel Insurance


A year later we launched Alpha Travel Insurance. Alpha was designed to be simple and straightforward, aiming to make travel insurance understandable for all.
We also held our first Summer Party for our team and their families, this remains an annual tradition!

GetGoing Travel Insurance


The team has grown a lot since 2010 and we now have 120 team members. We launched Get Going Travel Insurance, which specialises in medical travel insurance and aims to provide cover for as many of the UK’s travellers as possible. Insurancefair was launched, providing a flagship of product diversification into areas such as equine, golf and pet insurance.

Tif Group Team Members


This year we became the 3rd largest travel insurance provider in the UK and celebrated our 20th anniversary with a huge summer party. We also set ourselves a mission to climb Snowdon, raising £10,000 for Shine Cancer Support. The challenging weather was not going to stop us!



The team continued to grow at a rapid rate, so much so we chose to vacate the beautiful farm setting in Tonbridge and move to Kings Hill in West Malling. Home is now the top floor of 1 Tower View, the sheep are no longer part of the view but we are still surrounded by greenery of sorts!



This year we launched Postcard Travel Insurance and consumer education initiative Travel Insurance Explained. We also had 4 blue-chip partners by this time, and were recognised by the FCA.
We won The Insurance Times 'MGA Initiative of the Year' and Insider Honours 'MGA of the Year', and Insurancewith won the Insurance Times ‘Customer Champion of the Year’ Award!



2018 was a great year for us; tifgroup was The Insurance Times ‘MGA Initiative of the Year’ Gold Winner, our very own Fiona Macrae won the ‘Building Public Trust’ Award and Holidaysafe won Your Money's ‘Best Online Travel Insurance Provider’ award. We were very proud as the picture shows!



As we continued to grow (400 team members and counting), we had to open a temporary second office 33 doors down. The residents of 34 Tower View are our Client Services teams. The move to their new home was very successful, and we can’t forget the New Home doughnut wall!
Our growth has allowed us to achieve so much, and while having separate locations is not something we intended, our plans for the future will be bringing our team together again.

Tif Group, Culture & Values

2020 and beyond!

We are now one of the largest travel insurance provider in the UK and proud to insure millions of policyholders every year. We’ve acquired Citybond Suretravel to our business and now underwrite £160m GWP.
We hold our values close despite our growth, and our team uphold and drive these through everything they do. We’ve even launched a brand-new Innovation team!

Meadow in Summer

Environmental impact

We always want to leave things better than we found them – so we want to take full responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment and try to move those impacts from negative to positive.

Having taken a big step in becoming a paperless office, we also want to reduce carbon emissions when travelling to and from work. Our car-sharing and cycle-to-work schemes encourage our team to cut their emissions and create a cleaner environment. In 2019 we took an extra step and made a company-wide effort to participate in National Refill Day to reduce our daily plastic use.

Social Impact

We are building a business that cares about more than just profit. To get there we are making an impact in our local community, starting with our own team.

Teamwork, Hands Together

Social commitments

A community ethos runs through tifgroup. Alongside their day-to-day, our team are champions for giving back to the community and are passionate about supporting incredible causes. Through this passion, we have helped smaller charities such as The Family Holiday Association, Street Reach and Shine Cancer Support. In the case of Street Reach, we have been able to use our skills by assisting with the charity’s online presence, allowing them to reach and help more people.

Equality and Diversity

We regularly run training sessions with the amazing Ted Learning, who use theatre-based learning to ensure the key messages are commutated affectively. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness course ensures our team leaders and managers are fully trained in the meaning of diversity and equality.

Our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.

Our 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.

Our 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report can be found here.

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