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They say you can’t be passionate about insurance

but they’re wrong (trust us)

tifgroup is a place where people question, challenge and transform; where some of the most passionate people create the most innovative products and experiences. Join us in changing the insurance industry for the better, fuel your passion and do the best work of your life – as well as making a difference to other people.

Where do you fit in

  • Audit
  • Client Services
  • Executive Support
  • Finance
  • Innovation
  • Insights
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Partnerships
  • People
  • Public Relations
  • Technology
  • Transformation
  • Underwriting


We are Audit, the champions for the customer, focused on optimal care in emergency situations. It’s all about the commitment to doing what is right for customers. We deal with insurer to insurer recoveries as well. We may be a small team, but we are big on protecting our customers and passionate about what we do.

  • Currrently there are no audit vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.

Client Services

We are customer care; our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our customer centric approach allows us to provide a personalised experience for each of our customers at any point of their journey.

Executive Support

We are Executive Support. The support system to the business, working closely with Directors, Leadership team and the wider business on various projects, tifgroup events and general day to day operations.

  • Currrently there are no executive support vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.


We are the Most Desirable Team 2019! We are finance, the team that keeps the books balanced. We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our team members, suppliers and customers by ensuring efficiency in organising and account for all money in and out of the business. If you are good with numbers, see if you could fit.


We are innovation. An environment of prototyping and testing. We constantly drive change and our mission is to seek out new ways of simplifying the insurance experience. We do this by regularly engaging with our customers and colleagues to understand what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not. Listen to customers. Create the future and join Innovation!

  • Currrently there are no innovation vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.


We are insights. Our focus is to provide insights for the continued evolution of our customer experience and our business processes. Our detail-oriented skillset allows us to provide solutions wherever they’re needed. Our scope is to gather insights and develop solutions to enhance customer experiences and to drive change that will improve business process.


We are Marketing, nice to meet you. We want to WOW customers with an outstanding experience from the very first connection. We are a team bonded by a passion for innovative marketing, continuous development and blue sky thinking. Whatever your marketing passion, we’d love you to join us!



We are the Partnership team. Our focus is on building, maintaining and developing honest, transparent and mutually beneficial relationships with those who share tifgroup’s vision, values, and ethical stance. We have a commitment to our partners; to offer guidance and support. We strive for not only goal attainment, but goal alignment.

  • Currrently there are no partnerships vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.


Outstanding employee experience is key to the success of tifgroup. We are there for the full lifecycle of every team member, providing support and coaching from your first day with us and throughout your journey. We are all things people and if you are too, see where you could fit in…

  • Currrently there are no people vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.

Public Relations

We are PR. We might be the smallest team but we fight hard to tell the world about what we do. We manage media relations, brand reputation and create digital content, we pride ourselves on being both proactive and extremely creative. We are determined to change the consumers’ perception of the travel insurance industry and are always looking for ambitious individuals to join our evolving team.


We are the technology behind tifgroup. Our hunger for all things tech allows us to embrace and drive positive change throughout our organisation. Our aim is to use technology and a problem solving approach to produce a better experience for our customers, and the tifgroup team.


We are the Transformation Team. We provide the framework that supports projects across tifgroup. We help to turn ideas into reality. We strive towards delivering simple and effective solutions, automating tasks and streamlining processes. Our passion is to manage projects, plan projects & help every team realise the benefits of delivering projects. Apply if you’re passionate about transforming insurance processes, delivering projects that achieve visionary goals, and being the cornerstone of embracing and driving change.

  • Currrently there are no transformation vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.


We are Underwriting, the creators of products that WOW our customers and partners. We are one team, composed of many specialists with a passion for data and attention to detail. Our aim is simple, create best in class products that our customers love. Find your passion with us!

  • Currrently there are no underwriting vacancies found, please click here to submit your CV for when a Job becomes available.

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