We want to help customers make claims, so we can pay them promptly. If you have any queries about the claims process, the following Q&As should help.

How do I make a claim?

You can call the claims department on 0203 829 6761 or send us an email for a claims form. Alternatively, please download a claim form from this website and return with the supporting documentation to Travel Claims Facilities, 1 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4UY

What is the information you have asked for and why do we need it?

Please return the supporting documents requested on the front of your claim form. We will require the original documents. We require the booking invoice to confirm your travel dates. The Insurance document, as we do not have access to individual Policies. Original purchase receipts as proof of medical costs incurred abroad and proof of ownership for lost or stolen personal possessions, if you do not have the original purchase receipt we will accept a Bank statement, Credit card statement, Manuals, Valuations or photographs of you wearing the item. If you are claiming due illness of yourself or a close relative, we require the Medical certificate completed by the GP of the person whose illness has caused the claim, in all instances. If in doubt, send in as much information as you can. We will return original Death certificates and Annual Insurance certificates.

Why do you need details of my Household Insurance Policy?

There is an agreement set by Insurance companies to each contribute to the cost of claims in order to help keep the cost of Insurance premiums down. By providing this information we can approach your Household Insurer for a contribution to our outlay. This will not affect any No Claims Discount applicable to your Policy.

I am still abroad and need to make a claim, what do I do?

Please download a claim form from our website. You can then email us the completed claim form to us along with the supporting documentation to claims@tif-plc.co.uk. We advise that we may still require you to provide the original documentation as proof of ownership for Personal Possessions claims.

One of my family is ill and I will need to cancel my trip,will I be covered?

You are covered under your Policy for a claim caused by the death, injury or illness of a ‘close relative’ providing that their condition was not known about at the time of purchasing the Policy or booking the trip. The definition of close relative is: Spouse or partner of over six months, parents, grandparents, legal guardians, parents in law, step parents, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, child, grandchild or finance(e). The Medical Certificate within the claim form must be completed in all cases, by the GP of the person who has caused the claim.

I disagree with the outcome of my claim and wish to escalate this, what can I do?

You should write to the claims department explaining why you disagree with the outcome of the claim. This will be reviewed by the senior adjusters to see if there has been anything missed by the claims team. If they think the claim has been handled correctly, then the matter will be referred to the Quality and Improvement team for the insurers who will independently review the claims decision to ensure that you have been treated fairly. You can contact the Quality and Improvement team by email at complaints@tif-plc.co.uk

What can I do if all my money and bank cards have been lost or stolen while abroad?

Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer money to assist you in these circumstances. We suggest that you contact your bank to cancel your cards, they can sometimes arrange for you to collect cash from a branch local to you. The citizen’s advice website has some information which can help you explore your options. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/banking/you-ve-run-out-of-money-abroad/

Do I need to contact my tour operator if I need to cancel my trip?

Yes, you will need to contact the relevant companies you booked the trip through to notify them of your decision to cancel and obtain a cancellation invoice to support your claim or confirmation that you have not had a refund on the cost of the trip.

Do I need to report all losses to the police?

Yes, you will be required to report all losses to the police within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a written loss report from them. If you are unable to get a police report then a hotel or tour operator representative may be able to assist. We are unable to accept statements from friends or travelling companions.

My baggage has been delayed in transit, what should I do?

If your baggage fails to arrive at your trip destination you should retain your tickets and luggage tags, report the incident to the airline, Railway Company, shipping line, Coach Company or their handling agents, and obtain a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form or its equivalent within 24 hours. If you need to purchase essential items (some policies offer a benefit to cover this) make sure you keep hold of any receipts to support your claim.

Unfortunately, the insurance policy would not consider the cost of purchasing new flights.

The insurance policy will only consider a claim for delayed departure if the departure of your international flight, train or sailing is delayed for more than 12 hours from its scheduled departure time from your international departure point.

My possessions have been lost/stolen, can I claim for replacement items?

The possessions section of your insurance only covers items that belong to you, is not ‘new for old’ and an amount for age, wear and tear will be deducted from the original purchase price. You can find full details of our wear and tear scale published on our website at www.tif-plc.co.uk/wearandtear

Do the sums insured benefit the whole group or just the insured person?

The policy will pay up to the sum insured listed for each insured person should a valid claim be submitted.

Am I able to claim?

Please return your completed claim form and supporting documentation to Travel Claims Facilities, 1 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4UY.

Can I have a copy of my Insurance certificate?

We do not have access to individual Insurance certificates in the Claims Department. Please contact the Agent you purchased the cover from in order to obtain a copy.

I have received an outstanding invoice for medical treatment abroad, what do I do?

If you have an existing Emergency medical expenses claim with us, please forward the original invoice to us quoting your claim reference number and we will arrange payment of the invoice. If you have not submitted a claim to us. Please obtain an Emergency medical expenses claim form and return the completed form to us along with the supporting documentation requested on the front of the claim form and the outstanding invoice.

What is an Excess?

The Policy excess is the amount you have to pay towards each claim. In some cases you can pay an excess waiver premium, which means no deduction will be made from the claim settlement for the Policy excess. If you have declared a medical condition, you may have to pay an increased Policy excess, please check your screening documentation.

How do I find out more about the country I am travelling to?

To obtain additional information about the country you are travelling to, you can refer to the Foreign and Commonwealth website

How long will my claim take to process?

The claim process typically takes around 5 working days upon receipt of your completed claim form and all relevant supporting documentation. Some claims take a little longer to deal with but we will keep you updated.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

You should submit your claim within 3 months of the incident, if you require additional time to gather supporting documentation then please make us aware of your circumstances.

The claim form asks me to provide proof of my travel dates, however I do not have a return journey booked as of yet, what should I do?

In the event that you do not have a return journey booked, you will need to provide evidence to show your intention to return to your home country within the policy date of expiry. Please provide any of the following;

  • Confirmation of college/university placement
  • Contract of employment commencement date
  • Rental agreement
  • Consultant appointments in UK
  • Copy of log book confirming ownership of vehicle, with proof of current tax.
  • Court summons/appearances
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Current home/contents insurance (in your name).
  • Future travel plans (flight bookings) leaving and returning to the UK

I have paid for the whole party to go on the trip, however I’m the only person insured, can I claim for the full amount of the trip if the whole party can no longer go?

The insurance will only consider cover for your proportion of the trip, the remainder of the party should claim through their individual insurance policies.

My fight has been cancelled by the airline, what should I do?

Contact the airline and see what steps they are going to take to get you to your destination or if they are going to refund the price of your tickets. However – please be mindful that if you accept cancellation and refund then the airline no longer have any duty of care or responsibility for you and the cost of a new flight is likely to be more. If you do not accept a refund then the airline are still responsible for food/refreshments, alternative transport and accommodation dependant on the length of delay.

Will my policy cover my expensive jewellery and camera equipment?

Your travel insurance policy is not intended to cover items of high value, such as video camcorders, expensive watches etc., as these should be fully insured under your house contents insurance on an All Risks extension for 365 days of the year. There is a maximum amount you can claim and a maximum amount in total for each category, and these are shown under the possessions section of the insurance policy.

Do I have to pay my medical bills myself?

If you need to seek outpatient medical treatment, bills less than £500 should be paid by you at the time and claimed on your return. It is very important to obtain an itemised receipt for any monies paid for medical treatment for your claim. If the costs are more than £500, or if you need to seek inpatient treatment, please contact our emergency assistance company as soon as possible so they can liaise with the hospital directly.

Why has more than one excess been deducted from my claim?

Your policy carries an excess and this is the amount you have to contribute towards each claim. All excesses shown for this policy are payable by each insured-person, per section and for each incident giving rise to a separate claim.

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