Working at tifgroup isn’t your average desk job.

From the team here, to our partners and customers; tifgroup put people at the core of everything that we do.

We’re proud, passionate and determined, so our team are empowered to do the right thing, to take the path less travelled, to push boundaries.

Investing in everyone’s growth means that we evolve every day. We walk through the door every day with passion and pride in what we do – this job really isn’t your average 9 to 5.

As a partner, tifgroup collaborates with others towards a greater goal. We value strong, honest partners and relationships built with trust, faith and longevity, where we learn from each other along the way.

From customer feedback, we know that we make a real and meaningful impact through our great conversation. Our team don’t just go through the motions. tifgroup are here to go the extra mile when least expected, to understand consumer needs and consistently drive improvement, making sure customers have the best experience they could have.

Culture is the most important thing about our business as it helps us create a great working environment. That’s why we’ve shared our values, which help define our culture and are how we achieve what we do.


Our Values

tifgroup’s values were chosen by our team members, and are more than just icons and words, they underpin the way that we work and reflect our underlying beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. They are vital to help grow and develop the tifgroup culture that aids us in our day-to-day decision-making, whilst also being the core strengths that makes us strong.

We know that when people work with purpose and values, they succeed and grow together.





Invest in Growth and Learning


Acts of Kindness (AOK)

We launched our Acts of Kindness programme with the aim of bringing the human side to the insurance world.

We trained all of our team members to look for opportunities to delight customers with an AOK by taking every member of the team through a workshop to share our culture and our core value of customer centricity.

Our team are empowered to surprise customers with an unusually thoughtful service by matching customer life experiences with thoughtful gestures.

It’s fair to say, we haven’t needed to encourage the team to identify AOK opportunities, they were immediate ambassadors who are proud to make a difference.

Supportive working environment

People work better when they are happy at work. We can offer support and flexibility to all our employees, including those with additional family commitments.

We also offer a range of additional social and charity events outside of working hours. These are hugely popular, and help foster good working relationships. Everything from Christmas parties to quiz nights and go-kart races, the list is endless!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the team have to say:

“There are plenty of opportunities for you to develop your career at tifgroup. It’s great being part of a company that values their employees.” Rebecca Kingsley, Content Writer

“tifgroup as a company is young and fun with lots of opportunities. They have helped me establish myself in my career.” Tony Brown, Head of Underwriting 

“The company provide lots of opportunities for both development and support.”

Jessica Karlsen, Customer Service Representative

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We believe in doing insurance differently. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo want to work with people who take a similar approach.

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