Leave People Wowed by Our Service

We are fortunate to have a team of passionate, determined and rightfully proud individuals. We are a family who are bonded by working towards the same vision and goals.

At the heart of what we do is a commitment to putting customers first and exceeding their expectations. Making a difference to customers is what makes us proud and we are not afraid to challenge the status quo, as long as the customer sees the benefits. Providing assistance to customers throughout their entire journey allows us to give them optimal care.

Our passion for the work we do makes it more than just a 9 – 5 job

Driving positive change within the industry and for all consumers is what shapes our passions. Through the creation of products, services and brands such as Insurancewith and 1-2-1 medical screening, we’ve continued to help provide affordable travel insurance for people with medical conditions –  both physical and mental.


We are proud to make a difference to people’s lives and working with others who feel the same

Being part of the tifgroup family, we are proud of who we are, where we’ve come from and what we’ve achieved. Our team aim to go above and beyond for our customers and when we do right by them, we feel immense pride in our work.

Passion is the catalyst that drives us forward to achieve something bigger for customers. The teams are inspired by the tifgroup vision and the direction we are moving in, which is truly focused around being customer-centric. A truly customer-centric approach can only be achieved through the passion and determination of our employees to really make a difference.