Build Honest, Transparent and Mutually Beneficial Relationships

tifgroup is committed to delivering high service standards, offering market-leading products and building long-term relationships with strategic partners. But it doesn’t just start and end with us. This commitment to excellence touches on every part of our business to the mutual benefit of everybody involved.

Collaboration with team members, suppliers and clients allows us to ensure we reach our mutual goals.

We see partnerships as vital relationships and we understand that for things to work, it has to be mutually beneficial. We invest in our visions and values and we believe others do too. Building honest and transparent long-term relationships with likeminded organisations paves the way for success and is an integral part of who we are.

In 2002 we were a small niche travel insurer, in 2018 we are now one of the largest UK travel insurance providers, but we still remain true to our values which have been expanded and developed from those early beginnings.

tifgroup is a full lifecycle travel insurance provider; offering everything from product development to sales support and fulfilment, training and marketing. Providing consumers with award-winning products and our partners a bespoke solution; tifgroup along with its personal touch, is a breath of fresh air in the travel insurance industry.

Our partners, who are often leaders in their industry, recognise the issues that consumers face today when finding travel insurance. They was faced with the re-occurring question of “Where can I find travel insurance that doesn’t cost the earth but will provide me with the cover I need?” By partnering with tifgroup, they can now offer consumers an effective solution to that question.


We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, whatever we do, we do it honestly and openly, just how it should be.

We have built up years of knowledge and experience and now we are specialists in this field. We have a fresh outlook when it comes to the products and services we provide.

Our partnerships with charities and their supporters are what really drives our constant evolution of our medical risk rating system, Protectif. With their knowledge of the problems faced by people with medical conditions, we are able to offer first class products that benefit their members. The conversations and interactions that are had in these partnerships affect what we do and how we do it, and listening to and acting on them is integral to our evolving service

Not only are our teams advocates for tifgroup, but so are our partners and we understand relationships work both ways with partners that stand for what we stand for. Relationships work better when you’re a united force.