Leave People Wowed by Our Service

They say that many people fear change, because of uncertainty and the unknown, but at tifgroup we embrace it. We find that welcoming change means we learn and that something good always comes from it. We can innovate, improve and grow from change and our team can come into work every morning with the power to change the world.

We believe that by challenging ourselves to do things differently, we can drive change that improves the customer experience by providing a better product, easier access to insurance, and solutions that meet the customer needs.

As tifgroup grows, we’re constantly striving to improve. Even if things are working well, we believe they can be done better. By constantly reviewing how we interact with our customers, we can make it easier for them to deal with us.

Challenging the industry since 1996

We are always actively seeking to improve ourselves and the industry to make it better for everyone.

One of many examples would include the development and continued work on our Protectif Medical Risk Rating System. We created Protectif after seeing that consumers weren’t necessarily being offered travel insurance where we thought that they could be. We worked with charities and specialists, running user testing and customer engagement groups to gain feedback and push boundaries where others haven’t. As a result, the rest of the industry followed suit, helping to make travel insurance more accessible for everyone.

More recently, we developed a new travel insurance product offering – Postcard Travel Insurance. Using our vast experience with claims and complaints, we conducted root cause analysis and found that often customers were purchasing a policy that they didn’t fully understand, or one that didn’t give them the cover that they thought it would – or both. As a result, we developed policy wordings that were shorter, with less jargon and that were a lot easier for the customer to understand, improving their overall experience with us and ensuring a good outcome at claims stage.