Invest in Growth and LearningOur team members are the core of the company and the development of their growth, learning and internal progression is a cornerstone of our culture.

tifgroup believes in helping people reach their full potential and actively supports team members by helping them improve their skills through internal and external training, and also, obtaining further qualifications including Diplomas, Professional Qualifications and Graduate/Post Graduate Degrees.

We also have mentoring programmes such as The Rising Star initiative, where individuals are mentored by a member of the Leadership team on a one on one basis for three months.

Each person within the tifgroup team has a personal development plan tailored to their particular needs, which is designed to help staff be the best they can be. We are passionate about developing the skills and qualifications of tifgroup’ s team members so that they are able to reach their full potential.

It’s not just team members, tifgroup’s also passionate about educating consumers

tifgroup’s consumer awareness campaign, Travel Insurance Explained’s mission is to cut through the insurance jargon and make buying a policy easier for consumers by giving them the information required to make sure the policy they buy is suitable for their needs and meets their expectations should they need to make a claim.

Travel Insurance Explained has been praised by charities, hosted Parliamentary Drop-In Sessions and organised a Roundtable event at Parliament to encourage top-industry experts to discuss fairer and easier access to travel insurance for consumers with non-standard needs. By educating its team, consumers and the industry tifgroup hopes this will bring a positive change to the industry for the consumer.