Leave People Wowed by Our Service

Of course we want to provide the best service we can, but we try to take this that little bit further, whether it is dealing with an enquiry from a colleague, or listening to a customer’s query and trying to provide a solution to their problem. We do this by having great conversations, which help us make an emotional connection and go beyond the monetary transaction.

We really want people to be delighted by our service – every small interaction is important because they all combine together to shape someone’s experience with tifgroup and it’s culture.

“People won’t always remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel”

Act of Kindness Scheme

With the Acts of Kindness scheme the teams are empowered to go the extra mile and take customer care to new levels. Not just for situations that may be cause for celebration, but for customers going through a tough time, or those that just mention something in passing.

We are also always looking for ways to ensure that we are able to wow the customer when they need us the most during emergency medical situations and when making a claim. To achieve this, we are focused on providing market-leading assistance and claims experiences whilst also developing our products to ensure our customer expectations are met.

Our bespoke 1-2-1 medical screening service has led to us developing a unique customer experience within our industry, allowing us to provide access to insurance for those often declined cover altogether by asking specific questions

Ensuring that we spend time focusing on personal development shows that we care, and are invested in improving the way we all work, as well as enabling others to have a voice and feel heard.