We are proud to promote a working environment in which diversity and equality is recognised, valued and encouraged. We acknowledge the multi-cultural and diverse nature of the UK workforce and society in general.


What does diversity and equality mean to us?

Diversity and equality has different meanings to different people and here at tifgroup, we understand and respect this. Through the recognition and understanding that everyone is different we respect this by valuing our employees, customers and partners as individuals in their own right.

We will not accept any forms of unfair or unlawful discrimination of any kind. We are committed to applying this throughout all areas of employment. This includes recruitment, training and development, benefits, rewards, promotions, dealing with grievances and disciplinary issues.

Our teams at tifgroup are all treated equally, this brings out the best in what we can offer our customers and partners and has contributed to our success.


What are we doing to encourage diversity and equality?

We hire staff who are the best person for the job not because of any other reason.

Our leadership team is made up of an equal balance of gender and this is reflected throughout our business. One of our core values is transparency, so we have published our Gender Pay Gap Report 2018.

We regularly run training sessions with the amazing Ted Learning, who use theatre-based learning to ensure the key messages are commutated affectively. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness course ensures our team leaders and managers are fully trained in the meaning of diversity and equality.

We encourage our employees to treat and be treated by others with respect, not just in the workplace.

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