Celebrating the success and achievements of our team is an annual tradition at tifgroup. We recognise the amazing efforts and outstanding contribution of our team members at our annual Summer Award Ceremony.

Our award categories are:

  • Contribution to Service – recognises an individual who consistently delivers high standards of customer service
  • Contribution to Performance – recognises someone who consistently strives to improve performance across the business and for the benefit of tifgroup
  • Contribution to Team – recognises a true team player and someone who contributes to a positive team environment
  • Contribution to Business – recognises the contribution of an individual to the broader business
  • Most Valuable Player – voted for by all staff to appreciate and value the contribution their colleagues are making
  • The Fulcrum Award – A Fulcrum is a pivotal role, and our award recognises someone who has played a central and essential role across our business
  • Helliwell Award – the Helliwell award is tifgroup’s most prestigious award and is named after one of the founding members of the business, Darryl Helliwell, who retired a few years ago. This award is to recognise someone who has made a significant impact on the business and who constantly goes above and beyond to develop themselves and the performance of the business
  • Outstanding Achievement Awards – these awards are presented to a number of team members, in recognition of the great achievements we see across tifgroup


Meet a couple of our amazing award winners:

team awards