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Here are our FAQ’s in relation to COVID19 and associated travel advice which should cover most of the questions you might have. We have also included where else you can get assistance or obtain refunds from, if you are unable to claim on your insurance policy. Click here for more info

Starting With Claims

How to get started

Complete the necessary claims form

We do need you to fill out the relevant claim forms found at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry, you don’t need to print these out as you can complete them online.

Checklist of documents to support your claim

There’s a checklist of everything you need on the first page of your claims form. This will help support your claim, and ensure there’s no delay in completing the process.

Making a Claim

How can we speed up your claim

Complete the claims form

Please complete the claims form as fully as possible.

Provide as much detail as possible

The more detail surrounding the circumstances of your claim, the more help it will be to our team. A covering letter attached with your claim form is fine.

List everything you wish to claim

Include everything you wish to claim for and the amounts being claimed, if you just send receipts something may be missed or it may not be clear what you are claiming for.

Send all requested documents

On the front page of your claims form there will be a document checklist, if you are unable to do so please add an explanatory note, or our team are likely to request it from you.

Keep a copy of your submission

Make sure you have made a copy of the claims form and any of the documents you are supplying to us.


Claims Form Library

The forms you may need

The forms to help your claim

Fill out the relevant claim’s forms by completing them online for faster processing. There are PDF copies available with a form checklist to help guide you through the information we need.


Unable to go on your trip?

Need to claim for cancellation, find out more on our Cancellation page.










Sending your claims forms

How to send us your documents

By email

You can complete your claims form online once downloaded. Save a copy to your device or desktop and then please send the form and relevant documentation as attachments to


Or complete the contact form below and attach your claims form.

Contact us

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