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tifgroup Gender Pay Gap Report 2023


“From 2017 any employer with a headcount of 250 or more on their snapshot date has had to comply with regulations on gender pay gap reporting. In line with this requirement we welcomed the opportunity to report our gender pay gap information to the government, and to publish statistics and an accompanying written statement on our website.


The restrictions on travel in recent years due to Covid-19 are well documented and significantly impacted the purchase of travel insurance policies; the effects of this difficult trading period continue to have an impact on our business today. Consequently we are a much leaner organisation, with far fewer than 250 employees, the threshold at which gender pay gap reporting becomes a requirement.


Given the reduced headcount, any statistics produced on gender pay gap would result in output not representative of our commitment to fair pay to all employees regardless of gender. For this reason we are electing not to publish gender pay gap information this year, but look forward to demonstrating our commitment to reducing any pay gap in future years. It is worth noting that in the year to April 2023, females occupied the highest proportion of middle management roles and there is a 50/50 split of male and female operational Directors.”