Have any questions regarding the allegations made by The Times in November 2018? See below.

I have seen the article in The Times and I am concerned about the service you might provide should I need help.

We always put the customer’s health and welfare first in every decision that we make. We’re committed to making sure travellers abroad receive the best and most appropriate care, irrespective of cost. We’re also committed to steering patients away from unscrupulous medical practices in tourist areas which have been set up with the sole intention of making as much money as possible out of sick and injured holidaymakers.

You can read more about our philosophies and guidelines by visiting  https://philosophies.tifgroup.co.uk/  

Is it true that I will have to pay for my medical treatment myself?

As with all travel insurance policies, you should pay for any outpatient treatment, and things like prescriptions, and then claim these costs back when you get home.

If you have a medical emergency and need to be admitted to hospital, we do recommend that you call our 24-hour medical emergency team so they might advise you where the nearest, most appropriate medical facility is – this will usually be a public hospital as they are better equipped and staffed to handle a wide range of medical cases.

Once you have been admitted the 24-hour medical emergency team will advise the hospital to send all bills to us and we will then arrange payment.

There are rare instances when some hospitals will demand a payment up front and should this happen we’ll arrange for the you to be reimbursed straight away.

You can read more about tifgroup philosophies and guidelines by visiting https://philosophies.tifgroup.co.uk/

Is it true the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) are investigating you for fraud?

This is simply not true. We have approached the FCA regarding this, and it is our understanding that they have not opened any formal investigation into the practices of tifgroup, fraudulent or otherwise. In fact, we have been working closely with the FCA on several areas, as have other insurers. We have good standing with the FCA and have never been subject to any FCA investigation.

I think that it is very misleading that you organise false feedback on review sites.

This is something that we do not do. We welcome all reviews, good or bad, as they help us to work on areas of our business that might need improvement. It is true that some of our staff members who had purchased one of our products did leave reviews, but they did this in their capacity as customers, and not because the company directed them to do so.

Is it true that you do not pay your debts to foreign hospitals?

This is simply not true. We do ask hospitals to send us their bills so that we might review the charges and make sure that they are fair and reasonable. This is sensible business practice and makes sure our customers are not overcharged or billed for inappropriate treatment.

You can read more about tifgroup philosophies and guidelines by visiting https://philosophies.tifgroup.co.uk/

Is it true that you ignore the treating doctors’ advice and refuse to fly patients’ home?

Every decision we make is based up the clinical information provided by the treating doctor. However, the treating doctor may not have any experience in aviation medicine, and the human body reacts differently at 30,000 feet than it does at sea level. Our doctors are specialists in aviation medicine and so there will be occasions when a patients’ return home is delayed because in the opinion of our medical specialists, the risk to the patients’ safety and wellbeing are too great to bring them home immediately.

You can read more about tifgroup philosophies and guidelines by visiting https://philosophies.tifgroup.co.uk/

How can we trust your doctors if they are being investigated by the GMC (General Medical Council)?

When customers wish to make a complaint about any doctor, they do so through the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC is obliged to investigate these complaints, regardless of their accuracy or validity. We fully support the GMC’s work and will always cooperate with them, as we have nothing to hide. Our doctors advise us on the use of air ambulance repatriation. Their expertise is used to make sure you get the best possible clinical outcome. It’s important to understand that our doctors have no treatment role and are only there as medical aviation specialists to advise us on the suitability of timing, method and approach of repatriation.

You can read more about our philosophies and guidelines by visiting  https://philosophies.tifgroup.co.uk/

Why aren’t you members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI)?

We are not allowed to be a member of the ABI because we are not an insurance company.

We are what is known as a Managing General Agent. This means that we are an intermediary which provides underwriting services to insurers.

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